ArkMC - Media Streamer, Player Customer Reviews:


Very efficient


Hello! I'm using the app with Windows Media Player. It reads my videos and photos on the computer with no problem at all. But it won't read/recognize ANY of my music on the same computer. I got the app primarily to stream music from my PC to my receiver. Please help! Update 4/25/2013 - did a rebuild of my windows library and a day later everything is working fine. App now does what it says and I have no problem with it. Still trying to figure out how to stream music to two receivers simultaneously

Slick and Super fast!

This is the perfect DLNA companion for your TV! I cant tell you how awesome it is to serve up youtube videos on my 50in when all my friends are over! Once the video is loaded it is SEAMLESS. Doesnt cut out, does buffer anymore than your phone would need. GREAT GREAT TOOL!

Good program

The program works nicely.

Works just fine.

You need to try others to appreciate this.

It's fantastic, exactly what I wanted!

I had several problems getting my media shared, but not one of them was due to ArkMC, my issues all stemmed from Windoze Media Player. If anyone else is missing files when they browse, you probably have to rebuild the WMP index. That was my issue at least. Thanks a ton ARKUDADIGITAL!


Best Youtube streaming (to Dune HD Smart D1) app, but it's a pity that only 10 Youtube video clips you can play non-stop.


This app is crap

Attention : doesn't play to Samsung TV

Unable to play any regular accepted media files by my Samsung TV

Does what its supposed to do

Excellent product

Needs Work

When I first purchased the app, everything worked great. Plays all movies except MKV which I only had one. However after a week or so the app would crash after scrolling down to movies that start with S. They have failed to repair this, so I wouldn't reccommend it unless you don't care about movies s-z.


Use with the ps3 media centre dlna server for windows and you can seek forward and backwards on the streamed movie as its being decoded on the fly.

Good one

Works without problem.

Issues with ICS

Cant see videos with ICS can see video folders just not videos within

Almost perfect.

Unlike most dlna media players this will play videos from my nexus 7 and stream to my Samsung tv without cutting out or giving lots of errors. However playing youtube videos does not work to tv, hence only four stars because playing youtube videos always gives an unsupported media error even though it is set to use mx player pro. But it is a very good app and well worth the money if you just want to easily stream video or music to a dlna compatible tv.

The best DLNA client, easily

Works so well! To those getting unsupported format errors, have you tried coupling this application with MX Player? You'll get much better format coverage this way!

Doesn't work as advertised

Here's what I want to do: stream from my NAS server to ArkMC running on my phone and play to renderer ArkMC running on my tablet. It all looks like it'll work until I actually cue a track to play, at which point I get an unsupported media error. The use case here is tablet connected to entertainment system inside the house, which drives outdoor speakers. Phone outside to let me control what plays. I regret paying for this.

Great App

One of the best dlna apps I've ever used.


Used to work with my Xbox, but after an update, it wouldn't work any longer.

Great App!!!!!!

Fantastic app does what it say's on the tin.Highly recommended.

This sucks


best app of dlna

This is the best app for streaming and pushing videos and channels to tv. It works especially well with wdtv, however, not even identified my micca tv (I have both boxes, the reason is that probably micca is a Upnp render, which I guessed). Anyway, I am extremely satisfied that I finnally found a perfect app that I can add channels by myself, more flexibe than immediashare. I have tested for 6 hrs, no problem of streaming at all. Excellently synchronizing. The only area needs to improve is to add folders so that channels can be separated for efficient info feeding.

Excellent work. Keep it up!

Playlists don't play

This is potentially a very good app but I cannot get the Playlist feature to play more than one song.

Why does nobody make a DMR for Android?

I want a tablet connected to my TV that I can control and stream to using DLNA exclusively. This app won't play videos...

Works great

On my htc desire hd with a NAS with Twonky. I'd love to be able to play a list randomly. Possible?

Make it movable

The size is wrong its almost 12 meg not 8. It would be real nice if I could move it to my sd card.

Waste if money.... Only connects to some dlna severs... And streaming lags

Worth the try, worth the money

Have purchased this app after some testing the trial first. Love the clean interface and speed of pulling content on my NAS. Playing content of various formats works fine. Have notified support of some features/enhancements that would make me even more happy and got a positive feedback on this which sounded promising. Definitely worth the try. Have tried some other players which would do the job as well but this one got it right for me.

Good app but the dev completely ignores my queries, stop being a douche and answer your emails please

Bought this as it allows the use of 3rd party inatalled media players with a decent range of video codecs. Works great on my tablet. Worth the cost.

Great for playing NAS media

I use it to stream my media from my WD NAS to all network devices at home and has worked flawless!

Does not support my DLNA blu ray player. Worthless for me. I thought it has the standard DLNA server but it doesn't work..

Rubbish & no refund

XOOM: every time when trying to watch video, and it says unsupported fileformat and crashes. Uninstall after 5 minutes, no refund.

Good app

Server works good, available in Play-To on my PC. Works well with my Xbox360. I like “send to external player” – can share movie and control it.

The only solution I've found

for letting my phone be a DLNA receiver (and in effect, anything connected to the phone by headphones). This works great for that, but thats all I use it for. I can now push music and podcasts from my GS2 over wifi to my old HTC Hero that stays plugged into the speakers!